Asset Management

CBTComply’s PropTek system began as a high-volume, paperless work order system.  However, clients have morphed that functionality by wrapping all historical work orders around a given location – like a property address or building.  To that end, users can build a 360 degree view of any property or asset they choose to so they can monitor the asset lifecycle or changes that inevitably occur.  

We have used this asset management theory successfully many times and clients can service their asset by regularly inspecting, adding expenses, approved vendors, managers, staff assignments, linking jurisdictions to it, monitoring for damages or hazards and at least 50 other functions the industry supports. The addition of mobile devices in the field has only sped it along and enhanced data quality for users.   

For some portfolio users, we actually have a business partner that offers other advanced functionality like offer management, auction and other critical features.  Just inquire and we can see if our solution can add efficiency and reduce cost to your platform.