Core Components

CBTComply Software Verticals Create Immediate Value

Established Technology Foundation Saves Years of Development and Associated Costs
Business and industry are ever changing.  CBTComply software can help you adapt rapidly by streamlining processes, adding quality, and eliminating chaos.  We focus on – custom technology applications, enterprise needs, app development, data warehousing, and other solutions for your core processes.  Whether you need to focus on Process, People, Property, or Problems – our core software features can assist you.

All CBTComply software product suites are delivered with a proven feature set of:

  • CRM and Contact Management
  • Portals for Customers, Vendors, Staff Users and Other Approvers
  • GPS Accuracy, Google Mapping, and USPS data
  • Document Intake and Management Systems
  • Product and Service Delivery Systems, Scorecarding
  • Custom Forms Ability
  • PDF Writers
  • Messaging, Notes, Tasking, Ticklers and Reminders
  • Sophisticated Microsoft Rules Engine
  • MS SQL 2016 Database and Reporting Capability
  • Workflow Management System, Super Queue and Sub Queue Environment
  • Vendor Management
  • Accounting, AR, AP, GL,  Chargebacks, Credit/Debit, and Custom Exports or Connections
  • Mobile Apps to select from
  • API Connectivity to Any Business Partners or Platforms
  • World Class Data Security Elements
  • Low Cost of Cloud Computing
  • 400+ Other Features for your business

Unlock Business Potential with Seamless API’s

You Need an Integration Platform so You Can Meet the Need of Best-of-Breed Solutions

Today, API’s are a necessity of any modern enterprise IT.  It is less a matter of if APIs are needed, but rather how many are necessary and how they will be created and published. Our Plug-n-Play API allows a quick integration into any client, vendor or approved 3rd party work flow management system.  Once connected, our real-time data exchange empowers your organization with automated digital interchange and monitoring.  PropTek’s work flow systems are alerted to any system or data changes as they happen.  A digital security gate then instantly restricts access to work orders or properties when requirements are not met, eliminating gaps and ensuring only authorized access.

We help you optimize operations for greater efficiency, and give employees new tools to accomplish tasks at a higher velocity.  Our clients and their many departments — including their account and finance teams are leveraging our expertise and platform to build their own solutions, assembling their own toolsets, by pulling together best-of-breed solutions that handle specific tasks and data sets.  With our API integration components, they are able to easily connect to the best apps or tools available for their business.  This way, we assist them in replacing all-encompassing, yet inadequate options with a sleek and highly effective stack.

Organizations that leverage API’s experience increased productivity through cut cycle times, have increased innovation, increased employee engagement, and more seamless collaboration.

PropTek, its what we do.