CBTComply has developed and perfected a feature-rich platform and toolset that basically brings similar conveniences of an Uber or Lyft to the banking, insurance and property management industries.  It literally matches capable background checked resources and vendors — to Top 25 banks and insurance companies that have specific “on the ground” needs.  Imagine having a 3,100 county “Angie’s List” type labor pool out there, with rapid electronic delivery and none of the associated risk.   Our system picks up where you favorite vendor may be struggling or tied up.  Pay for performance is the mantra.  

Our BankDirect platform has some of the same features our Enterprise PropTek leverages, but rebuilt and recasted to support your business.  Let CBTComply’s innovation provide the infrastructure to help you grow and succeed while we fill in the gaps which are all too common in this industry.



Unlimited Online Web Portals – Business in the Cloud

Get out of Sharepoint, Excel and other blunt instrument interfaces. Increase productivity and decrease downtime with the project management tools. Assign work orders, make adjustments, collaborate with field and more in real time.  All of your maintenance and inspection needs in a single interface.


PocketSnap – a Free Hand-Held Mobile App

Quickly and efficiently collect data and results from the field with our easy-to-use mobile app. Direct you to the address, and track the progress of any project or work order in real time.

Forms Management & Workflow Builder

Create any documents and forms you need and deploy them daily. These forms direct your workflow to help you consistently capture your results from the field. We give you the power to create intuitive and focused workflows to get precisely the results you need.

Trust, but Verify Results Guaranteed

Never doubt whether your results have been tampered with or compromised with certified photos, videos, and mobile forms.  GPS accuracy and date and time stamps solve your issues.

Customer Support

CBTComply provides expertise for onboarding, training, and tech support.  A combined 100 years of field service and maintenance experience at your fingertips.  Use our IT team as your own, get the tough questions answered quickly in the business you care about.

Invoicing System, Profit Management

Create bids, record expenses, and reconcile payment with many invoicing and payment features.  Automatically apply products and services with client-specific pricing to pre-defined work orders.  Interacts and exports AP/AR to your accounting system of record, like Quickbooks.

Share Results with Clients

Share your results with your client via email or in real-time through the online portal.  Half a dozen delivery options for your client exist!


How we help lenders, banks, loan and default servicers?

Coming Soon!


How we help vendors and field agents?

Coming Soon!


What to expect during ONBOARDING???

Fixed Pricing for Initial Years

Low Onboarding Fees

Import of Any History or Archive Data You May Have

Thorough Property Audit,  Loading and Matching

White Glove Setup with a CBT Personal Onboarding Concierge

Month-to-Month Subscription

24×7 Customer Support and Technical Team