CBTComply Advantage

With CBTComply’s Software Workflow Platforms, our partners have an access to our strong background in various technologies, domains, system architecture and project management, in combination with our modular-driven methodologies. This enables us to dramatically reduce development time while ensuring the delivery of a high quality workflows and products.  It’s game changing to be able to launch an enterprise platform with your desired workflows in weeks vs. years.

Our Industry Experience

We have delivered successful solutions over a variety of real estate related business environments. In the process, we have acquired an acute sense of what it takes to succeed. We have seen first-hand what works and what does not and have incorporated the benefits of these lessons into our own approach to delivering products and services in today’s everchanging marketplace. Our experience has clearly indicated what works well and what just doesn’t work at all. We have also been able to discern critical general principles that have led us to articulate our version of an agile development/delivery methodology.

What Makes Us Good

We have all experienced a wide variety of project management approaches and methodologies. At CBT we understand very well the communication gaps between business people and technical people. Our experience with various methodologies, approaches, and techniques prevents problems and helps us solve those that do arise. We are experienced practioners of agile approaches and project delivery to your immediate benefit simply because it makes sense and works. We know there is no substitute for competent, motivated people dedicated to achieving a common, clear goal in the space YOU operate in.

What Makes Us Very Good, or Even Great

We have been part of the development of dozens of real estate, property or loan applications and have implemented more on-time and on-budget than most entities you will seriously consider. Having seen a broad variety of industry leveraged software platforms, we have a clear understanding of the need to follow generally accepted practices and design standards – many of which are set by governmental rules.  We also understand that while technology is essential to every business, GREAT software platforms conform to your business processes and customizations rather than asking you to adapt to it.