CBTComply’s Compliance Module assists firms in becoming more Diligent, more Confident and more Comfortable in this traditionally difficult or expensive area.  We embrace an approach that automates your primary business processes to make a positive impact to your quality or bottom line.  Our software tackles a client’s necessary daily processes, facilitating efficiency, transparency and compliance.  It enables your staff and partners to work together thorough a safe and secure online environment.

CBTComply® Software Suite

Harness the benefits of a robust workflow system right away.  Our capable CBT Project Teams can adopt your current projects to streamline while your staff continues to work on revenue producing activities.  Our Compliance Management Solution Module covers the most expensive parts of the process and include:

  • Enterprise Risk
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • IT & Cyber Security / Technology Solutions
  • Custom Software Platform Solutions  (Design and Delivery)
  • Bulk / Specialized Printing & Mailing
  • Inbound / Outbound Payment Processing

Looking for more control over the processes and cost of the above items?  Would you sleep better if you could only improve 20% in those disciplines?  CBT offers greater performance and efficiency through our continual process.  Our advanced tools have been engineered to maximize performance and efficiency while reducing your staffing cost dramatically.  The solution ingrains your values into your corporate culture by spreading it throughout the calendar year.  Avoiding peaks and valleys in your critical processes permitting expertise to develop versus waiting for something bad to occur.

Benefits Statement:

  • Simplifies multiple complex environments via custom workflow for your firm
  • Move traditionally burdensome “sunk costs” into a positive environment
  • Organizes tasks, assignments, dates, and deliverables in a system of record – Creates Efficiency
  • Fortify training modules and video library for all users
  • Maintains communications by all parties involved in a specific transaction
  • Offers point & click convenience in a flexible and easy to use environment
  • Provides a useful audit trail for regulators.  Keeps the entire process paperless
  • Infinitely scalability and continuously adds new features
  • Exceeds your data security requirements
  • Personal, responsive technical support

Organize & Access ALL Compliance and Transactional Details

Your staff can begin to interact with proven compliance, legal, and other local providers or experts by connecting your firm in CBT’s centralized location. By bringing the entire process online, you close communication gaps and create a transparent experience that will ultimately lead to tighter management.  Permit your staff to spend more time working on revenue producing activities versus chasing expertise or exceptions.