Custom Development

The continual advance of digital technologies and rising client expectations and behavior present our software customers with an unprecedented risk of business disruption.  Moreover, competitors – both old and new – are just a click away for customers who are increasingly willing to switch providers if they are not getting their needs met.  These needs are usually custom and require expertise to solve. 

Market realities like this place great emphasis on industry and customer-centric innovation. Providers that are late with innovative digital propositions or are slow to improve customer experience with real-time software, digital or mobile services, for example — simply invite their customers to discover alternative providers.

Tech Obstacles Everywhere…

Despite industry’s huge appetite for digital and analytics innovation, delivering results can be frustratingly slow, particularly for mature businesses that often have multiple burdens:

  • Management is too focused on day jobs to innovate or tackle strategic projects
  • Saddled with complex, disjointed, aging, or legacy IT
  • Stringent regulatory compliance requirements that software providers cannot understand
  • Risk and compliance regimes that must safeguard data of millions of customers

Not being weighed down or having to support aging core systems gives CBTComply custom developers a true advantage.  Our professional services team understands and is acting on behalf of those who want to accelerate digital innovation and transform the customer technology experience. 

We can help!

Development with CBTComply as a Partner

Organizations are under continual pressure to accelerate creation and delivery of domain specific innovation.  Generally speaking, they expect higher quality delivered quickly and cost efficiently.  Clients expect and deserve more responsive services and interactions that are fine tuned to their exact business needs and operational preferences.

To meet those expectations, we have developed new and more efficient ways to create and deliver systems innovation. Our agile product development process and flexible architectures are capable of supporting multi-channel approaches.  We literally assist you in managing time and cost from go-to-market efforts, and pursue diverse cross-platform  opportunities.

It is well documented that many companies spend a year or longer to take a product from idea to full rollout, and less than 30% actually go to market in less than six months.  Legacy product development platforms are costly and difficult to maintain.  Our goal is to reduce development costs, increase customized domain expertise, and keep service costs manageable moving forward.

Let CBTComply assist you in analyzing, developing and launching on time, as they have with many other clients. Our successful track record can be another asset you can rely upon during the process.  

Some Clients Prefer a “Big Fish” – smaller pond approach…

We believe a larger part of our success is based on relationships.  We work hard to treat every client with the importance they deserve.  Whether they want us to assist with 15% of the project, or even 110% — we strive to deliver on their needs and do it by continually focusing on them as an organization and as people that truly matter.  We are obsessed with customer service! 

Showing up with a standard toolbox of best practice tools brings a level of professionalism to the engagement that permits them to focus on their day jobs while we focus on project success.  Tools from providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Zillow, Black Knight and others ensure we are delivering cutting edge solutions regardless of engagement size or requirements level.  CBT works hard every day to make the pond suitable for any size client and nobody gets lost in the shuffle.  

Time-To-Market Matters

Many of our clients are under time, money, competitive or political pressures on very large software development projects.  We assist with gap analysis, requirement gathering, provide validation on sizing, architecture, performance, expectations and other critical elements which keep the project on task.  Having CBT help you make your deadlines and getting development launched is what we do.  Time is money, and we are able to assist.