Due Diligence

Nationwide Public Record, MLS, and Servicing System Data Intelligently Collide


Our eMarketplace Hub Connects Wall St. Intelligence with Main St. Needs

Loans, properties, portfolios and transactions that have been through a comprehensive due diligence process are ultimately the most predictable. Determining the effectiveness of processes, infrastructure, systems and reporting are essential to conducting effective due diligence and will ultimately allow investors to maximize value.  Our leveraging of the entire nation of public record data and MLS data gives us a unique advantage in performance and pricing in this important area.

CBT leverages a critical business partner and client for an integrated one-stop solution to assist clients for sellers, buy-side, title, tax, and compliance due diligence. Organizations also benefit from having access to Wall St. trade desk type analytics and experience on a loan by loan basis.  Our unique reports provide diligence services, unique offerings, identification of undisclosed risks, highlighting key data points, and providing valuable insight on transactions.  We tailor the approach for each transaction to maximize values and deliver a quality work product in a timely manner.

Data Scientists and 2019 Technology Help Us Maximize Approaches


With CBT armed with industry proven Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a partner, you do not need to hire a room full of analysts and data scientists to examine file by file.  Our processes can read 500 page files in seconds, identify documents and index, pull out the 100 items your firm most cares about, read servicing comments, score content and much more. Leverage the resources of trade desks that have successfully bid and won billions of dollars of portfolio in the past decade. 

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