What are the main proposition values of CBTComply’s Software Platforms?           

Answer:   Quite simply, we lend a tremendous head start and less cost to your projects. Most every business has varying customers, vendors, products or services, employee users, workflow, databases, reporting needs and the like.  We simply take that as it exists in your shop today, and help you automate it in a way that permits more efficiency and less revenue leakage.

We fully furnish and then customize real business enhancing solutions which allow clients to operate at a higher level of efficiency in a way that gives them competitive advantage.  It is typically accomplished by eliminating manual efforts, streamlining workflows, and providing vital information needed to make crucial business decisions.  Most importantly, if we do all of those items correctly, it delivers real value to the products and services our clients provide to their end users.

How does CBT’s middle-ware solution interact with our system of record, or legacy system concerns?    

Answer:   Most clients are saddled with some sort of legacy systems or other constraints.  Many gravitate towards and adopt new technologies to compensate for the capabilities their primary systems lack.  One common challenge is integrating new technologies because of existing legacy code issues or lack of staff expertise.  Working with our firm to evaluate the architecture, design communication links, innovate new methods, and truly understand how the solution needs to perform is critical to mutual success.  We can work with what is physically available, and keep you out of blunt instruments like Excel workbooks or Sharepoint sites. 

Tell us more about your team of professionals?    

Answer:   Our team is one of our best assets!  End of story.  We have spent roughly 10 years gaining direct experience with senior individuals that we call upon based on the type of job.  We have full-time, part-time and 1099 contractors.  Primarily we keep 12-15 people quite busy on projects, but have access to roughly 20 more reliable individuals depending on the need.  If we need to staff up for larger jobs – that is a good challenge for us to solve.  As a side note, we partner very closely with 2 other companies just like ours.  So, well-trained resources are not an issue. 

Do we need any special processes or methods within our operation to successfully execute with the system?  

Answer:   Good news here, the system comes with dozens of sorts, filters, layouts and tools to greatly assist your operations team.  Clients understand the “3-legged stool” theory of – People, Process and Technology.  If all three of these elements are not present and up to par – issues can occur.  Having good people execute solid and documented processes are our best advice – and technology simply enhances that combination.  Technology can be used to bounce off of independent systems, reconcile, match, compare, load KPI’s of end customers and much more.  We can help and just need your information, identification of independent systems, and process to assist with technical attributes.  

How much does it cost to get started?  

Answer:   Based on the size of your needs, and what tools we already  have in place, you will find our implementation fees to be very reasonable and proportional.  From there, we can work with your project managers via custom development to adopt and integrate your domain specific IP and create the functionality you really need.  Depending on the features you select, and size of your business – you can use the software for a modest thousands of dollars per month as SAAS, or some clients prefer to do custom development purchases.  Either works fine, and we can help you model your ROI against in-house resources, productivity gains, and other documented savings.   

Our bottom line is we are flexible.  Your bottom line is important to us too.