How it Works

CBTComply Provides the Baseline, You Provide Advanced Business Logic or Details

CBT’s mission is to help solve expensive pain points via delivery of a domain specific, specialized software platform.  When we see companies using Excel spreadsheets, Sharepoint, or Google Sheets unnecessarily or other expensive CRM or workflow tools – opportunity exists.  Each CBT module and custom workflow is further custom designed, tested, and proven at delivery.  Most importantly, the cost structure is one that even a smaller firm can rationalize easily.

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We will work with you to gain competitive advantage and strive to make exception management less painful.  We will configure your account settings through our administration interface, where you can define access levels for each user group, map tasks, establish timelines and even create virtual departments.  With CBTComply® custom tasking clearly defined in each module  –  you can experience the structure and support benefits of an enterprise grade solution, but also book cost savings in each area.

Upload Corporate Documents, Assets, Data and Streamline Your Trusted Vendors & Partners

CBTComply® gives your firm a cloud-based solution for maximizing efficiency and productivity. Leverage our best-practices process workflows and determine how your data will be uploaded effectively, scrubbed for accuracy, and monitored for a risk score in each area.  Create user accounts for each department, and even invite your valued vendors to Community Corner’s eMarketplace ever increasing network of local and national professionals.  Automate even the most manual vendor you have for efficiencies with our system.

Everyone can have their own custom portal and workflow.  CBT makes it easy. 


Minimize Risks and Create Proper Structure for YOUR firm

Any organization needs workflow solutions throughout their firm to avoid excessive management costs and maximize profitability.  We can help you isolate your most critical 100+ data points, and ensure your office and all associated parties work within your guidelines and according to your established KPI’s or SOW requirements.  

CBTComply® safely and securely stores your data and documents, reminds you of tasks and events, and gives you the comfort of knowing that your company will remain effective, proficient and compliant even in complex or difficult situations.



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