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Proptek, your Platform Solution of Choice

Innovation, experience, and technology superiority combined with the most responsive customer service in the industry has made us the platform solution of choice for many burdened inspection management companies dealing with nationwide field services and the national banking system softwares.

We are a leading provider of integrated field and property management software with robust financial, accounting and invoicing capabilities for the field services industry. Our PropTek software solution helps drive order fulfillment efficiency, productivity, improved customer service and ultimately new revenue.  PropTek actively addresses over 350 unique requirements of property management software:  complex workflow processes, operations, mass transactions, proactive communications, full-blown domain specific accounting, administration and reporting.  It helps you save steps, confusion, and money when processing work orders or managing properties month after month.

Field Inspection Services & Property Management Software

INSPECTIONS, PROPERTY INSPECTIONS, AND FIELD VISIT INSPECTIONS:    Field Services and Inspection entities face ever-evolving challenges in day-to-day responsibilities.  Every business and client is different, and this industry is no exception.  At CBTComply we go out of our way to customize for you, so you can harness a platform solution that works for your firm.

We believe it’s quite simple; our core PropTek platform standardizes workflow, high-volume order processing, property management and other custom needs while the advanced module enhancements allow you to customize further creating a software unique to your firm and business philosophies.  PropTek was designed as a modular system that can be customized to meet the needs for SFR, multi-family, or commercial property management.  In a world of ever shrinking margins, we all look to technology to change the face of default servicing or the mortgage field services industry. Heightened levels of industry oversight and constantly changing regulations continue to overload existing systems, and manual processes cannot comply efficiently.  If you are ready to capitalize on next-generation technology and simplify the complexities – PropTek’s custom queues and task-driven approaches should integrate nicely for you and your staff.

To automate and innovate how your team works, you need to improve your technology service delivery throughout the business. This means no more garage software, no more application feature backlogs, no more integration boundaries, no more hiring more heads to keep up with an overwhelmed vendor, and less development time and cost by leveraging CBTComply.

We deliver exponential value with every engagement.  With our workflow‑based application your stakeholders create these apps automate work and orchestrate processes, both inside and outside your system of record.  Our unique pre‑built services and reusable components aid you in rapidly building, integrating, and extending your reach to meet the dynamic requirements of your field services and preservation businesses.


Robust, Rapid & Reusable

Filter quicker than ever, sort and match things you need to create success.  Quickly build new workflows or apps leveraging our proven existing apps, services and integrations accelerating development time, reducing costs and creating exponential ROI.  Why would you take 2 or 3 years to design and develop what you can utilize today?  Customize and leverage PropTek to propel your business for less than you are spending today.

Trust us, your customers will ultimately thank you for it.