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InsureTek — Your Managed Repair Software Solution 

The First Notice of Loss (FNOL) is an emotionally charged time for anybody. The need for the adjusters to react quickly by providing the right forms and claims from their mobile device is the key in retention of the customer. There is always a chance of customer loss if they are not satisfied, especially in a sensitive field like homeowner’s insurance.

InsureTek provides you the latest newly designed software that helps you expedite the process of claims, bills, resolution and other insurance needs. You can set up multiple channels to clear claims, and make appointments wherever you are from your mobile device. You can also create early triggers and rules to collect critical data of both people and property with ease.

Our Managed Repair software is a cloud-based solution that has been designed to help you run your restoration business more efficiently, but it’s more than just a software. With InsureTek, real-time documentation has never been easier allowing you to manage projects and your business from anywhere in real-time. The InsureTek mobile app, makes it easy to create jobs, track work orders, upload photos, take videos, and speak notes directly into the job file. It’s time to put an end to your over-stacked paperwork and carrying file folders from job to job.

It’s simple, go paperless… and put the power of mobility in your hands. Save time, save money, and build the most successful future for your business by lightening your load and shortening cycles.

Finally a solution to bring the carrier, adjuster, repair contractor, inspector, and homeowner together with fluid communication!

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