InsureTek– Your Managed Repair Software Solution

Designed with prominent minds from the insurance industry. Designed from many years of frustration with the gaps that exist between insurance carriers, the insurance adjusters, the repair/restoration contractor, the inspector, and the homeowner filing the claim. Yes, there has been a checks and balance system put into place, but most would argue that it is fragmented at best.

Not anymore.

Finally a solution to bring the carrier, adjuster, repair contractor, inspector, and home owner together with fluid communication!

With InsureTek, manage claims, people, restoration, processes, repair jobs, and documents, all in a simple, organized location.

Communication is key in life and we believe that streamlining it in industries like the insurance space, only mitigate losses across the board. This leads to lower premiums for the general public over time. Its a Win/Win/Win for everyone.

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