Professional Services

Strategic Direction Specific to Your Industry… 

Whether you are in finance, real estate, property management, run a law firm, a medical practice or other type of business, you need someone with expertise to help solve your unique and complex problems. At CBT, we provide industry-specific, technology based workflow solutions so you can focus on what you do best.  Typically every client delivers some sort of product or service – and they all have lifecycles and triggers.

We create specialized solutions for each client based on their specific needs including but not limited to: risk management, quality management, profitability maximization, key management reporting, vendor management, and operations review. Our main goal is to maximize your after-tax profit in an ever-changing world with the utmost integrity.

Management Consulting

Our management consulting business of analyzes and offers industry solutions and best practices to complex problems within an organization. Users find it valuable because our CBT team offers an outside, unbiased perspective to the problem and devote their full attention to solving it.  While your staff operates and flies the plane – ours are evaluating the efficiency and impacts to report back.

In today’s competitive business environment, many companies are looking for unique ways to grow and increase their market share.  We act as true “problem solvers” on your behalf. Our consulting helps you expand operations, explore new markets, or even launch new products in the space.  

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