Property Management

Property Management Success and Efficiency

CBTComply embraces inclusive property and asset management technologies for precise location or asset management on detached or non-contiguous assets.  It also provides a detailed documenting service established to provide a comprehensive and convenient all-in-one visibility solution so you can rest assured of remote situations.  Instead of having distribution or maintenance issues creating anxiety or consuming valuable time, our portal can assist you with the task of maintaining your portfolio properly and with the certainty you require.  Our software platform can even be “white labeled” with your logo, colors and contact information making it seamless to users.

When evaluating your particular Property Management technology needs, organizations examined and selected CBTComply mainly because of these critical path platform and engagement capabilities.  The fact that we round out our software offerings with advanced consulting and adopt your main customization items serves to separate us from the pack.  All of the below are included in the baseline version, and many more may be added during later phases:

  • Designed and proven in a real estate venue for managing unlimited properties, national supply chains, vendors, product delivery, documents, artifacts, conditions, etc.
  • Provides building blocks and other needed functionality for a real estate, rental or loan based business, with strategic reuse of several tested and verified components
  • Mass loading of unlimited number of addresses, houses, data points, or photo evidence
  • Workflow that places orders of any type and receives results rapidly on the individual asset
  • Property or asset headers, history files, visit logs and other necessary features
  • Mobile APPS for vendors, homeowners, tenants, or other necessary parties
  • Powerful mapping to application data structures
  • Automated testing tools to quickly highlight result changes
  • A robust document library, and easy import and export of data sets
  • Access to original data architect, and programmers that designed system for support and speedy resolutions

Long-Term Rental Management

Upkeep and monitoring of your rental properties or rental homes is essential not only for retaining property values, but  for meeting local requirements, general security and peace of mind. We have a vast array of property and tenant services and resources that give you true competitive advantage.  Anywhere you need to streamline or automate, we’ve got you covered. Our platform provides estimates, bids, repairs, maintenance, inventory and general project oversight.  You can leverage call centers, all of your local vendors, emergency response teams, assess damages, get estimates, document claims, and manage the turns, construction and restoration of your assets.

The typical long-term client has more than 500 rental homes to several thousand and rely upon our automation and customized tool sets. 

Short-Term Rental Management

The pure nature of short-term rentals are even more tricky.  Every work order, complaint, inquiry, request and cycle is simply compressed, and traffic from unfamiliar individuals is more frequent.  Many of the same rental principles apply, but now our users have to deal with more stakeholders.  Homeowners, guests, property managers and others all need to collaborate to keep property services moving smoothly.  Offering “the touchless round trip” to detached single-family residences is not an easy task.  

Our ResortTek platform manages exactly these conditions.  Many homeowners on our system have 1 property, but some have multiples and need a single solution. Either is fine and both the home and the occupants can manage needs and wants via their own portal or our mobile app.