Property Preservation

What is Property Preservation, Maintenance, or PPO?

Property preservation is a process undertaken to preserve, protect and maintain residential or commercial properties.  Basically, when a property owner gets behind on payments, they often abandon the property and the mortgage company is immediately responsible for the liability and upkeep of the property and location.  During this pre-foreclosure time period, care still needs to be provided to the property or asset as it has yet to go through legal steps of foreclosure.  Neighbors, cities, code compliance all want to ensure the property does not deteriorate.  Once foreclosure has been completed, it is then considered Real Estate Owned, or REO property.  It will still be preserved and prepared for final sale is the assumption.

What types of services are in involved in property preservation?

Required and scheduled services are usually securing, winterization, minor repairs, lawn maintenance, broken pipes and boarding windows.  Our system supports the entire FNMA, FHLMC, FHA, VA and other investor libraries of products, codes, fees and allowables.

Take a closer look, but we help gather photos, videos, fill out forms, drop off contact cards and postings, collect GPS location data and much more.  Anything you need to provide evidence of conditions at properties before / during / after is handled by the system.

Bringing unparalleled focus and progress to your Property Preservation and Field Services Company

PropTek’s structure is modular and is a multi-dimensional software platform focused on improving your preservation and maintenance company.  That means we don’t just design, build and provide an off the shelf web-based platform and disappear.  We literally stand beside every company with which we work.  CBTComply believes our ultimate success is directly a result of your long-term viability and success.

New dynamics and forces are compelling companies to fundamentally rethink systems difficulties and work arounds.  The confluence of these dynamics has made it clear that ‘old ways of thinking’ about how to manage and deliver field services no longer work.  Our software will help you get rid of excel spreadsheets, macros, access databases and other crippled tools.

Enter PropTek – a proven, mature Preservation, REO Repair and Maintenance Software

PropTek helps companies achieve operational, service and financial excellence by analyzing and approaching their business from a customized and integrated approach.  The integrated framework enables you to go beyond merely garnering cost savings by smartly identifying and implementing best practices from an ‘end-to-end’ basis.  We don’t really offer ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions; our approach and recommendations are highly customized and tailored to each clients’ unique needs.

What is in it for MY COMPANY?

Optimize your company’s performance with comprehensive workflows, data and actionable insights through PropTek’s robust property management platform.  It is a residential management software designed to keep pace with today’s servicing and compliance landscape.  CBTComply and our PropTek platform was founded on simple beliefs that great customer service shouldn’t be an add-on – Its our motivation.

CBT’s software development team is a wide spectrum of subject matter experts looking to bring innovative ideas to the field services space.  We believe in breaking boundaries, out innovating our competition and encouraging each other above all else.   We focus, sweat the details, work hard, play hard, and think big.

So, you may ask “What’s in it for me?”   A capable partner that helps drive operational efficiencies at a fraction of the cost.

No matter what the size of your business, our software platform can help you manage your Preservation and/or Inspections.  Our software communicates with your client’s internal systems and entire field vendor network.  Our services and products increase accuracy and efficiency while significantly decreasing your cost.   In many aspects, WE PROVIDE  INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP – and the rest followed and attempted to find their more local niche.  When you are ready to preserve your company, your finances and your client relationships – think about customizing PropTek to your exact needs.  See what makes us the right fit for you.