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PropTek — Enterprise Field Services, Supply Chain, & Vendor Management Software

CBT’s PropTek is a flexible, open architecture software system that can be used for managing any number of vendors, individuals and properties for multiple purposes. You can take difficult processes, and simplify them into a series of easy to understand components.  It was conceived, built and road tested in the property, maintenance and financial services industries. Quite simply, it was designed and built around purposes of order delivery, fulfillment, performance and associated data collection on locations throughout the nation.  It can harness thousands of unique products/services you desire, and any type of partner ecosystem you need to create custom deliverables.  It was originally developed for nationwide field services management but also includes:

  • Property Management System with Workflow Stations
  • Business Intelligence & Rules for Performance Management – Rules Engine
  • Work Order Centric, and Property Centric Views
  • Industry Specific Accounting Technology and Techniques
  • Connected to national banking systems of importance
  • MS SQL 2017 Data Aggregation Platform and Services Hub
  • Multiple Mobility Solutions – Edit to your needs  (3rd party and native)
  • Demand Ordering Systems for Products and Services
  • Application Development & Consulting

Your downstream partners will thank you for automating their engagements while your performance increases and costs subside.  Our innovative approach, agile development methods and ever evolving solutions will bring transparency and customization to any business area. 

Additionally, the PropTek platform includes and benefits stem from:


  • Ease, speed and savings of Software as a Service (SAAS) 
  • Able to “disrupt” normal vendor channels by taking more control
  • Master Queue and Sub-Queue hierarchies for logical workflow designed by your management team
  • Robust product menu hierarchy, workflows, mapping, document management and tracking, and photo uploads and processing
  • Hand-held mobile applications for field data gathering
  • Sophisticated Rules Engine for critical decisioning and order management.  This literally will save you several hundred of hours of coding, and create more advanced business rules management opportunities
  • Unlimited filters on data; keeping your staff and vendors operating in the system of record.  Unique import / export abilities
  • Interacts with your accounting system.  Multiple bi-directional imports for finance use.
  • Secure management of your data records at no extra cost or effort
  • New software features and upgrades decided by your IT team – not some vendors
  • Anytime, anywhere, any computer access to your data or platform
  • Sophisticated MS .NET framework and multi-tiered shareable services
  • Web services and API connections to internal or external systems you deem desirable
  • History and archive data transfers
  • Competitive cost, saving you literally years of design or development

What does obtaining PropTek mean for your platform?

PropTek instantaneously delivers over 90% of the building blocks you need to manage any type of order placement and fulfillment business. It will provide your IT department a clear view of how to direct next steps. It also saves you a few challenging years of development, and those correlating salaries – speeding your time and lowering your cost to market.  CBT can assist in taking your project to 100% closure and launch by working your roadmap – not ours to create competitive advantage in your core business model.

The system can be rapidly customized and then utilized during the first 30-60 days to place or grade orders you need to run your financial services businesses. 

Buy or Build?  CBT presents multiple options while fortifying your critical relationships and saving you time and money.


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