Servicer Performance & Analytics

You Have the Data, but What Are You Doing With It?

Gaining Insights from Data You Own

In the ever-evolving world of mortgage, default, preservation and general real estate finance, there is an increasing demand for insight into each property, location, geo and work order.  In response to this demand, a modern analysis method has emerged from our experts, leveraging AI and machine learning to deliver new levels of market intelligence.

The proprietary data management strategy creates new possibilities for mortgage and real estate professionals to monitor compliance, target problem situations, analyze portfolios, manage risk and more.  After all of the work orders are done, and the results are in — how are you adding value to your clients.  Ask CBTComply.

Preservation Insights

Preservation work is typically a rush – its the nature of the business.  Period.

In a rush, mistakes are made and it is hard to comprehend what was completed was in alignment with client and investor expectations.  This includes photos, pricing, turn time and much more.  During the field service audit processes, will can automatically review, tally, and report any discrepancies humans currently attempt to find.

Technically Proficient Auditing

Field service audits take expertise.  Most of our clients are too busy or stretched to take this important next step.  The purpose of the audits are to ensure inspection and preservation work was completed was in alignment with all expectations.  Our software audits while our clients rest, and reports back on important trends that will assist clients to manage their vendors more diligently.

Field Service Chargebacks, Pended Invoices, Claims & Reimbursements 

After analyzing your SLA, CBT reviews reimbursement requests to ensure that all line items adhere to guidelines. We utilize information available through our clients system of record to determine if the submitted reimbursement request is warranted. Then we will document within the reimbursement system whether to pay or escalate for further review.