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Community Banking Technologies (CBTComply)  is a technology provider that was originally designed to locate and bring “big bank solutions” to Main Street America.  In doing so, we spend a lot of time with executive decision makers with a wide array of technology needs.  We have morphed our solutions to create custom platforms and products in several different industries.  Our proven software is easily right-sized to any institution.  Its strength is further enhanced by executive consulting, data mart design and creation, and has also extended into a variety of custom mobile app launches.  We are truly a tech vendor that helps you manage speed to market, costs, and workflow by integrating critical processes, data points and business partner vendors.  

Cut Costs & Reallocate Valuable Resources

With roots tracking back to 2010, CBT is a provider of custom software solutions in highly controlled or audited environments.  The company leverages technologies as demands, changes, and financial restrictions are literally pushing firms towards this new normal.  In addition to providing and developing custom applications that are ahead of the curve and specific to your needs, we also consult with your product companies to develop solutions that power an organizations core business needs.  CBT offers software and service solutions for mid-level users such as:

  • Community Banks / Credit Unions
  • Property Managers, Investors, Funds
  • Loan Originators & Servicers / Mortgage Providers / Special Servicers
  • Vendor Management, Performance and Tracking                                       cbtdeliverable
  • Auto and Consumer Debt Holders
  • Other CRM, Supply Chain Distribution or Management Companies

Fortify your organizations current infrastructure now.  Our primary tools were designed to assist you with:

Property Management, Vendor Performance & Compliance, Tenant Management, Field Inspection, Custom Demand or Ordering Systems, Compliance Issues & Tracking, Customer Loyalty or Retention and Data Warehousing & Custom Reporting

CBT’s infrastructure software as a service (SaaS) solutions include CBTComply, which can be used as an end-to-end solution.  It has been designed to allow our clients to reduce the cost of their back office operations while empowering staff to perform higher priority and revenue producing activities.  The company’s platform has effectively served hundreds of small to mid-size institutions around compliance or exception processing needs in a manner they can understand and embrace.

Executive leadership cannot look ahead  if they don’t even have time to look up?

   – Proven Tools, Perfectly Tailored:   Engage us for enterprise software platform customization, affordable strategy consulting, module creation or other custom identified projects. 

ROI on Superior Accuracy & Mitigated Risk… via Custom Software

CBTComply has built-in process checks that ensure accurate and complete information to help you execute and make better, more informed decisions around exception processing. 

  • Report cards record objective and subjective measurable benchmarks about vendors and service providers
  • Document flow offers automation, prompting and recording.  Also includes accept/reject/revise features on certain elements
  • Open architecture software permits you to engage in methods you deem helpful
  • Security is critically important and we provide a secure login with multiple permission levels for customized accessibility

No need for a large IT staff, we can provide all the IT support around the process.

Streamline, Automate and Connect ANY of Your Valued Providers.  Let our project team automate them to save you time, effort and expense. 
CBTComply makes it fast and easy to access quality product or service providers across the country.  We also specialize in connectivity to legacy systems or other communication needs.  Whether in property, data, or product venues we can assist.  You identify where processes are difficult, slow, or expensive – and turn the problem area over to us for a short period.  Your insight, automation and performance improves with both national or regional providers enabling you to make more accurate decisions. 


Contact us for more information and let us know how we can help you get started today.


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