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CBTComply has a strategic partnership with a Wall St. firm that provides a complete suite of title curative services. Via our CBT software applications, their experienced team of professionals drives the curative process from title review and issue discovery through non-judicial resolution, record correction, and perfection.  Our first task upon referral is to evaluate, score and validate each issue listed in the claim and review all available title documents for additional issues not listed. State laws are widely divergent; an issue clouding title in one state may not cloud title in another.  Portfolios, clients and claimants are geographically dispersed, relying upon the service expertise in determining real issues and real solutions tailored to the jurisdiction.

Title curative services inherently invite nonstandard issues, and complex legal requirements. We approach and develop our strategies under a theory of continuous process improvement. Our clients rely upon this evolutionary approach as it fosters a broad base of experience and facilitates an ability to rapidly adapt to changing conditions and requirements.

As such, we are able to provide an expanded variety of services including but not limited to:

  • Filing indemnity requests on prior liens
  • Identifying delinquent taxes and arranging for payment of serious delinquent taxes
  • Working with sublease holders to ensure leases are current and those delinquent are resolved
  • Filing title claims with originating title insurers for denied indemnity requests
  • Identifying and preparing assignments needed to complete chain
  • Resolving problems regarding improper transfers of title
  • Handling lot line adjustment issues
  • Recording necessary reconveyances

Property Reports

CBTComply’s partnerships provide a one-stop shop for residential property data, providing instant access to detailed property characteristics, sales records, and valuation via county assessor documents. Property reports combined with our proprietary analytics feature all the real estate data you need, covering 99.9% of U.S. properties.  Order 1 or 100,000 — you only pay for what you need.

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